Union Secretary also can offer clients the opportunity of investing into highly profitable projects.

China – EMC projects

EMC projects = Energy Management Contract. We invest into projects that combat energy waste and environment pollution. Significant pollution reduction occurs as a direct result of this investment. The reduction of energy consumption can be measured in monetary terms. Depending on the project, our company is transferring 50% of the generated reduction to the owner of the project each month –through several years. During the implementation of these projects, by-products, carbon credits – VERs are generated and sold to end-users.

The basic operations consist of energy saving targets and services, investment, financing and technical support which is all determined by the specific contract. The whole energy-saving process, such as project audits, design, financing, construction, management etc., is completed by energy service companies during the contract period. Returns on investment and reasonable profits for the energy service companies are paid based on the generated energy-saving benefits; During the period of the contract, energy service companies own the project and are responsible for managing the entire project, such as equipment maintenance and energy-saving detection; After the end of the contract, all the energy-saving equipment is passed into the hands of the end user.

To promote reduction of global greenhouse gas emissions and reduce global carbon dioxide emissions, our company provides professional energy saving solutions and also the financial security to implement energy-saving projects for enterprises through EMC. 

These projects help finance the conversion of lighting, heating, ventilation and exhaust systems to more environmentally friendly and economically viable systems. 

Some examples of these advanced technologies:

  • Sewage Treatment and Air Purification Technology
  • Boilers and Reverse Osmosis Systems

  • Energy Saving of Air Conditioners
  • Energy Saving Technology of Light Pipes
Energy-saving Technology of Cooling Tower Non-electric Hydraulic Fan